Romania – What You Need to Know Before You Go

Great article on traveling in Romania. The driving thing could be said about dozens of countries. 🙂 Good advice for someone that isn’t a third world junkie. Here in Colombia, they run over you but they do it politely. haha

Living The Q Life

Our trip to Romania was definitely an interesting one and as we returned, it became clear that there were a few things that we wish we had known before travelling to this country. This isn’t at all a suggestion that you shouldn’t visit Romania, far from it, there is plenty to see and experience, but there are a few things that you should know before you travel.

imgp1533 Old Church in Bucharest

  • There is information out there that taxi drivers will try to defraud you and over-charge you. It is not an exaggeration. On our first night in Bucharest, we ordered a taxi from our hotel, a place we were told we could trust, and the taxi took us to a location no where near our destination and demanded ten-times the expected price for the ride.  We were outraged, but paid, mostly because we didn’t know what else to do. We…

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