5 treasures I found in my Yoga Teacher Training

Great synthesis on why Yoga is so valuable. Really great insights. Estelea is a gem.

Estelea's Blog


When I enrolled to Pascale Wettstein’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), it was all for shaping my body. I had no idea I would learn so much about shaping my life …

  1. Invaluable Mindfulness

I have started to appreciate the meaning of “being present” while practicing yoga poses. After all the hours I spent studying anatomy, learning about lengthening, contracting and stretching my muscles, feeling the  flow of energy in our postures .. No way I could still practice on auto pilote mode anymore!

Session after session, I have become aware of the essential role of my breathing, the importance of being mindful in all my movements. My practice changed from being a mere work out to a very interesting work in..

Our teacher liked to challenge us on how we could apply what we learnt on the mat in our daily life. That’s when I truly realised the meaning of being present in everything we…

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