Charming Italian Sentences I Love


Many of you who have stuck around on Italophilia for long know that earlier I did posts on Charming Italian Words I loved. Those posts were a hit because they connected with people who are either in Italy or who are Italians or just fellow Italophilies like me!


Today I go a notch higher to see some phrases/sentences that I love using. I have recently taken a break from classes and am continuing my study from home. It is just to see how much I have gathered in the past year. The best test will be in Italy.

Anyow, some of these are sentences my teacher told and have stayed with me:

Al piu` presto: As soon as possible

Con buona volunta`: With a good attitude

Stato d’animo: State of mind

Mettere la benzina: Add fuel to the fire.

C’era di tutto: There was everything

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