Croatia: Abomination In Hauling Out Communist Memorabilia — Croatia, the War, and the Future

The time has come – communist threads must be torn away. The mind boggles at the reality today that there are still too many pro-communist Yugoslavia people walking the streets of Croatia. The nostalgia for the long-gone days of Yugoslavia encountered on the streets often wears the cloak of misguided memories of a life that […] … Continue reading Croatia: Abomination In Hauling Out Communist Memorabilia — Croatia, the War, and the Future


A place every romantic should see…

Rhodes is one of the most spectacular places on earth I would suggest you get a sleeping bag and spend the night here, at the temple of Athena. When the sun comes up over the Agean, it will be a memory that is burned into your memory forever. After that, grab a Ouzo, have lunch … Continue reading A place every romantic should see…

Charming Italian Sentences I Love


Many of you who have stuck around on Italophilia for long know that earlier I did posts on Charming Italian Words I loved. Those posts were a hit because they connected with people who are either in Italy or who are Italians or just fellow Italophilies like me!


Today I go a notch higher to see some phrases/sentences that I love using. I have recently taken a break from classes and am continuing my study from home. It is just to see how much I have gathered in the past year. The best test will be in Italy.

Anyow, some of these are sentences my teacher told and have stayed with me:

Al piu` presto: As soon as possible

Con buona volunta`: With a good attitude

Stato d’animo: State of mind

Mettere la benzina: Add fuel to the fire.

C’era di tutto: There was everything

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Sinful Artists, Sacred Art

Blog of the Courtier

This weekApollo Magazineoffers a thoughtful piece on the work of the British sculptor Eric Gill (1882-1940), who is the subject of a new exhibition that just opened at the Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft in West Sussex. I warn you that it’s a difficult article to read, because author James Williams pulls no punches in looking at the rather shocking personal life of the artist in tandem with his religious art – and the piece includes one illustration by Gill toward the end of the article which you may not want to see, if you’re particularly sensitive. But for those of you prepared to read it, it offers a good opportunity for adult reflection and discussion on some difficult aspects of the arts where they intersect with faith.

Gill became a prominent artist at the turn of the previous century, primarily as a result of his sculpture…

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Ten Reasons why we love North Norfolk, England

Really great photos

The World according to Dina

1. The seascapes and the ever changing coastline
(for all photos; click to enlarge)

Cley next the Sea, Salthouse, Sheringham, Weybourne


2. The solitude on the vast beaches

Cley next the Sea,  Wells – Holkham Beach, Stiffkey Salt Marshesxx


3. Blakeney Point and the seals

Blakeney; The Outer Point, The Pit, Watchouse, National Trustx


4. The colours of Norfolk

Cley next the Sea, Salthouse, Blakeneyx


5. The Lovely Lavender

Rhu Sila (Klausbernd’s garden), Cley next the Seaxx


6. The Lokes in Cley next the Sea


7. The Norfolk Coast Path

Cley next the Sea, Church Lane, Irgendlink leaving Rhu Sila, Kb Vollmar in Blakeney


8. The Flint

Cley next the Sea,  The Deli – Picnic Fayre, Rhu Sila, Whalebone House, The Lokes


9. Birds and Birding

Cley next the Sea, The Eastbank,  Bryan Bland, The George, The Birdbible…

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10,000 Kilometers: Quintin Lake on Walking and Photographing Britain’s Coastline

This girl has 11 million followers!


Two Aprils ago, with a camera in hand and pack on his back, Quintin Lake set off from St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The journey? To walk 10,000 kilometers around the coast of Britain. Tackling the route in sections, he walks for up to two weeks on each leg, averaging 20 to 40 kilometers a day. In between walks, he returns to his home in Cheltenham — to his family and work as an architectural photographer — and uses these breaks to recharge, research the next stretch, and blog his journey on The Perimeter.

We caught Quintin just before he embarked on a 15-day adventure around the edge of Snowdonia, North Wales. Here’s a glimpse into his epic walk along the sea.

This project must be a great exercise, physically and creatively. How is your photographic process evolving? Is it changing the way you see things?

View Quintin’s route…

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Road Tripping in Peru — Looking for the Sweet Spot

The Punk Rock Hobo

One of my favorite things to do in a country is drive. Of course, I love trains as well, But, driving allows you to stop at will. You see things that are not in any guide books, or posted on line. You get the authentic feel of a country, catch unexpected views, stop at random roadside stands, […]

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A Busy Mockingbird: The Art of Mica Angela Hendricks


Dive into the world of artist Mica Angela Hendricks, from the whimsical collaborations with her daughter to miniature pendants, monster dolls, and more. As a longtime fan of Mica’s blog, Busy Mockingbird, I was thrilled to chat with her about her breadth of work, artistic collaboration, virality, and sharing this passion for art with her family.

Mica Angela Hendricks. Mica Angela Hendricks.

At a young age, you were known as “that girl that draws.” What inspired you then? How has your work evolved over the years?

When I was younger, people didn’t really know who I was. We moved a lot, and instead of getting to know people in a school that I’d probably leave in a year, I dove into my sketchbook and spent all of my free time drawing. I wanted to draw the things I was interested in — movie characters, actors, singers. I loved faces, and I was always…

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Writers and Artists on Creative Habits, Accepting Self-Doubt, and the Rewards of Perseverance


Anyone who writes, draws, paints, sculpts — anyone who creates — knows two things: inspiration and discovery (the twin muses) visit those who sit down and do the work and perseverance is often its own reward.

Sometimes the blank page stares back. At times like these, a gentle nudge can help. Here’s some thinking, advice, and encouragement from working writers and artists we’ve featured on Discover.

Mica Angela Hendricks is an artist and author who loves to collaborate with her young daughter on detailed, fantastical illustrations. Check out her work at Busy Mockingbird.

Mica Angela Hendricks on pulling that thread of interest and giving your creative endeavor a shot:

What motivates me is just wondering if I can do something. I’ve not been trained in embroidery, for example, but at one time it really interested me, so I wanted to see if I could work it into my drawings…

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Great Reasons That Make Thailand An Excellent Travel Destination — Eat Sleep Love Travel

Great pictures

The Punk Rock Hobo

When people think of Thailand, they are bound to associate it with the delicious street food, the busy cities, and the fabulous architecture. However, they tend to think that Bangkok is the top place to visit while in the country. While Bangkok is pretty special to say the least, there is so much more going […]

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