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Great article from a gifted travel writer

unexpected occurrence

We arrived in Mandalay at around 7:40 am after “sleeping” on the night train, then walked to our guest house.


We stayed at the Nylon Hotel, which I highly recommend. The staff is incredibly helpful and can help you book taxis, tickets, and transportation to your next destination. The rooms were clean and much nicer than I had anticipated. There were also Western toilets and a clean (warm) shower! Mind you, I’m traveling with my mother this round, so we aren’t on a strict backpacker budget. This hotel is about SGD $30 per night – pretty expensive for our liking.


Mandalay is a huge grid layout city. It’s relatively easy to navigate (we used the app Maps.Me for wifi-less directions).
We spent the first day wandering around Mandalay. We…

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The Canyon

Russ Taylor has a really great eye for photography. Great guy if you are looking to buy photo’s.

nomadruss in words and photos

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is probably the most visited geography of the park after Old Faithful. Crowds swell during the day. This past summer I took time to visit the canyon, mostly on the edges of the day when it was still, and silent. Sometimes a little too silent, eerily so, hoping I’d hear the paw steps of any approaching animal. I was rewarded during those times, the sun rising over the rim breaking through the bitter cold of the night, the starry host above or the low angle of the early morning sun revealing colors hidden in stone. rbt_7239-edit





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5 treasures I found in my Yoga Teacher Training

Great synthesis on why Yoga is so valuable. Really great insights. Estelea is a gem.

Estelea's Blog


When I enrolled to Pascale Wettstein’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), it was all for shaping my body. I had no idea I would learn so much about shaping my life …

  1. Invaluable Mindfulness

I have started to appreciate the meaning of “being present” while practicing yoga poses. After all the hours I spent studying anatomy, learning about lengthening, contracting and stretching my muscles, feeling the  flow of energy in our postures .. No way I could still practice on auto pilote mode anymore!

Session after session, I have become aware of the essential role of my breathing, the importance of being mindful in all my movements. My practice changed from being a mere work out to a very interesting work in..

Our teacher liked to challenge us on how we could apply what we learnt on the mat in our daily life. That’s when I truly realised the meaning of being present in everything we…

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7 Days In The Netherlands

Great post on the Netherlands, a country I really like.,

The Punk Rock Hobo

13473311_213632275697850_1442780517_n Canals in the Netherlands

7 days since I’ve landed in this beautiful country. I’ve toured through Amsterdam, Leiden, Den Haag and Rotterdam and cross nearly half of the country on foot.
I’ve walked fields ornamented with dutch windmills and crossed bridges spanning the Netherlands never ending maze of canals. And every time that I get bored of the typical dutch scenery, I turn a corner and find another old building or a rich piece of history about this magnificent country

I must say, I absolutely love this country and their people!

The Trek
backpacker-shadow-300x300My journey started when I landed at Schiphol Airport, just outside of Amsterdam. I stayed in Amsterdam for 2 nights then hopped on a train and made my way to Leiden. In Leiden, I couchsurfed and stayed with a charming host who was nice enough to tour me around her city and then she even cooked me a nice warm meal.

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Lots More Charming Italian Words I Love

Another great post by Oshnita. Love this girl…


No matter what social media brings to us whether its picture sharing through Instagram, 140 character thoughts through Tweets or pinning favorite photos through Pinterest, there is nothing that can replace the joy of blogging. For that I am particularly grateful because I have made a lovely circle of friends here, some of whom I have met in real life and some that I hope to meet in future. I am lucky to have friends who continuously encourage me to share and post which keeps my motivation level a tad higher than I expected. Though one thing that I don’t appreciate is idea copying. So let’s keep blogging clean and special and alive by sharing a little of our respective worlds but by respecting each other’s creativity.

Today I am continuing my favorite series from the blog with a list of charming Italian words that I love.


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The Wine Wankers in Texas USA, Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, and Porto Portugal

Really great wine blog. These guys are awesome.

The Wine Wankers

We do love our wine tourism trips! Visiting wine regions not only gives you a deeper insight into the wine it also puts the wine into the context of the land and the people. You see the vineyards that the wine comes from and you experience the energy of the wineries. And then there is the food! Wine is so much more enhanced by food especially when it’s locally paired.

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Romania – What You Need to Know Before You Go

Great article on traveling in Romania. The driving thing could be said about dozens of countries. 🙂 Good advice for someone that isn’t a third world junkie. Here in Colombia, they run over you but they do it politely. haha

Living The Q Life

Our trip to Romania was definitely an interesting one and as we returned, it became clear that there were a few things that we wish we had known before travelling to this country. This isn’t at all a suggestion that you shouldn’t visit Romania, far from it, there is plenty to see and experience, but there are a few things that you should know before you travel.

imgp1533 Old Church in Bucharest

  • There is information out there that taxi drivers will try to defraud you and over-charge you. It is not an exaggeration. On our first night in Bucharest, we ordered a taxi from our hotel, a place we were told we could trust, and the taxi took us to a location no where near our destination and demanded ten-times the expected price for the ride.  We were outraged, but paid, mostly because we didn’t know what else to do. We…

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A great routine to take the stress out of your body.

Pilates is not thought of as a routine for men. I started it about 4 months ago. I got sick of having a sore back. I’m totally sold. I do it in a park in Pablado, a barrio in Medellin. It’s a great spot, next to a creek surrounded by bamboo trees on a platform … Continue reading A great routine to take the stress out of your body.

7 Spooky Tales from England’s Haunted Castles

Really greeat castle tour. Heritage Calling is a really cool blog.

Heritage Calling

Many of England’s historic buildings and monuments set an inspiring backdrop for mysterious tales of paranormal activity, their rich heritage feeding into narratives passed through generations. This Halloween we’re taking a look at how tales enjoyed at this time of year, of witches, ghosts, vampires and ghouls are knitted into English folklore, making their mark on our culture and historical places.

Here are 7 spooky stories linked to some of England’s oldest castles.

The Vampire of Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

bb78_06705 © Historic England BB78/06705

Writing in the 12th century, historian William of Newburgh chronicled how a former master of medieval Alnwick Castle would rise from his underground tomb and prowl the streets of the town at night, causing terror and disease. In panic, the local people dug up his shallow grave, revealing a bloated corpse which, when pierced with a spade, disgorged fresh blood, proving to them that it was…

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The Greatest Soup In The World

Really great food site.

We Are Chefs

By Ana Kinkaid

How does a soup gain such acclaim that the likes of Craig Claiborne declare it to be the most elegant and delicious soup ever created?


If the soup is France’s beloved Billi Bi Soup, also known as Cream of of Mussel Soup, the tale of its unique creation and enduring fame involves American millionaires, Greek princesses, racing boats and, of course, legendary chefs.

The story of Billi Bi Soup began in ancient Brittany where the residents of coastal towns have for centuries harvested big, beautiful mussels from the sea. They added these mussels to a variety of their regional dishes, all hardy and savory, but certainly not haute cuisine.


Centuries passed. By the beginning of the early 1900s, France had gained fame as the culinary capital of the world and America as a leading industrial power. One nation offered elegance and style; the other offered…

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